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True Property Inspections and True Group offer a range of courses designed to guide you through the inspection and capital improvement processes, ensuring you make lasting investments in your community's future.
Our courses are presented in a convenient Lunch & Learn format. We bring the classroom to your office and treat your team to a complimentary, catered lunch, making the learning experience both accessible and enjoyable.

For community association managers, attending these courses can also earn you valuable continuing education credits with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions for your community with our educational offerings.

Protect Your Reserves Through Strategic Capital Improvements

CE Type: Insurance and Financial Management, Elective

The landscape of our industry underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of Milestone inspections and Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (SIRS).

These new inspections ensure the life and safety of a community’s buildings, often involving costly capital improvement projects.

Communities then face the challenge of completing the essential projects while building a healthy reserve fund and maintaining cost-effectiveness for residents.
Attendees of this course will learn:
  • Recent legislative revisions impacting milestone inspections and SIRS
  • Common types of capital improvement projects and their influence on structural integrity
  • Strategies to evaluate incoming bids to maximize value for your community
  • Determining project cost savings through scope, warranty, and material selection
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Keep It Small: The Cost of Delayed Maintenance Part 1 & 2

CE type: Operation of the Community Association's Physical Property

Significant improvement projects can strain your community's financial reserves. Effective preventive maintenance can prolong your building's lifespan, which will allow you to better invest your reserves in long-term solutions.

Attendees of this course will learn:
  • Protecting the structural integrity of your community through proactive inspections and maintenance
  • Explore the building envelope's vital role in shielding against water damage
  • Key waterproofing and preventative maintenance tips for each element of the building envelope
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Board of Directors Certification

Joining your association's Board is an exciting way to make a positive impact on your community. However, it also brings a range of new responsibilities. Navigating the complex and ever-changing laws governing associations can be challenging. Keeping up with these updates is crucial to avoid potential liability for noncompliance.

In accordance with Florida's Condominium Act (Florida Statute Chapter 718) and the Homeowners Association Act (Chapter 720), newly elected Board members are required to complete a Board Certification course or provide documentation certifying their grasp of the association's governing laws within 90 days of taking office.

We offer an accessible and easy-to-understand Board Certification course. It covers essential information that equips Board members to fulfill their roles effectively and lead their association with confidence.
The Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires attendees of this course to learn the following:
  • Budgets and reserves
  • Insurance
  • Elections
  • Record maintenance
  • Bids and contracts
  • Dispute resolution
Our course incorporates the most recent legislative revisions concerning Milestone inspections, Structural Integrity Reserve Studies, and other critical laws affecting condominium and homeowner associations.
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The Blueprints to Building Science

CE type: Outside Physical Property, Elective

Did you know that building design is rooted in science? Basic scientific principles underlie how buildings function and how they should be maintained for optimal performance. Grasping these principles is key to effective preventive maintenance and safeguarding your buildings against water intrusion problems.

Attendees of this course will learn:
  • The basics of building science and how these principles impact energy efficiency, durability, comfort and air quality
  • The elements of the building envelope, which protect the interior from water damage
  • Proper waterproofing protocol to protect the building envelope
  • Other important elements of a building and how to prevent water intrusion
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8 Moves to Productivity

CE type: Human Resources, Elective

Ever had a workday whiz by, leaving you with a pile of unfinished tasks? What if you could enhance your productivity without sacrificing your work-life balance? Well, you can.

By implementing True Property Inspection's straightforward, research-backed strategies, you can effectively care for your mental and physical well-being while giving your to-do list the priority it deserves for a truly productive workday.
Attendees of this course will learn:
  • Effective time management skills
  • Tips to increase focus throughout the day
  • Advice to overcome procrastination and arrange your workday
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Principles of Community: Finding Common Ground in Diversity

CE type: Human Resources, Elective

Thriving communities are built on the diversity of thoughts and backgrounds of their members. We understand that every one of us contributes to our community's success. How can we work together for the greater good while celebrating our diverse perspectives and fostering unity?

Attendees of this course will learn:
  • The role each of us play in community and the need for mutual respect & care
  • The importance of embracing diversity within unity
  • How to find common ground through our goals and core beliefs
  • Why we should build mutually beneficial partnerships
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lunch & learn

True Property Inspections and True Group have partnered to offer Lunch & Learn courses to help your associates keep up with their continuing education credits. We also offer a Board of Directors certification course, allowing your new community Board members to fulfill their requirements.

All attendees will receive a certificate of completion.

Questions? Contact Rachel Ilardi at or (407) 395-4144.
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